Saturday, August 22, 2009

Corrections and Connections

First, the correction. In a previous blog post, I shared information with you about the artist who painted these pictures, Eugene Fidler. I gathered that information from the Internet and while it was correct, the conclusion that I drew from it was not. Eugene was married to a woman named Edith during WWII; they lived in Roussillon using false identity papers to protect them from the Nazis. The conclusion I drew was that the Edith Fidler whom I know as an artist and ceramicist in Provence was that Edith Fidler who was Eugene's wife during WWII. Now, here's the connection...I recently found out that she was not that woman! Last weekend I received an email from a woman, Catherine who lives in Nice, France. She corrected my mistake. The Edith Fidler of WWII was HER mother; the Edith Fidler whom I know was indeed Eugene's wife, but his SECOND wife. Catherine had been searching the Internet for references to her father and came upon my incorrect blog entry. Tres confusing that both of Eugene's wives had the same first name! Catherine and I exchanged a couple of emails, and she most graciously consented to let me tell this story and use her email. Here is some of the information that she shared with me:

"Fournier was the name that my parents used in the war, when they were hiding away from the Nazis, having left the Riviera in a hurry. They had forged documents that looked just like real ones, they had been provided by the mayor of their home village of Mougins. Of course it was convenient to have the same initials.
Everything else had been made up. This ID saved them. When in Roussillon, they worked together, as my mother was also a ceramicist at the time.
I have written a biography of my father (also in English) that I hope to be able to publish some time. I'll keep you posted, since you seem to be interested"

Another thing she shared was this link to her husband's website, lefebvre-linetzky.

I love these connections; they give me little shivers every time they happen. Without the wonder of the Internet, I would never have had the opportunity to correct an error and to meet someone who shares my passion for art, Provence and history! And I am certainly interested in Catherine's biography of her father. Put me on the list...I'll definitely buy a copy.

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