Sunday, April 6, 2008

Atelier Fidler

Yesterday's post about Eugene Fidler/Fournier was actually supposed to be a lead into today's post: Atelier Fidler. Marie introduced me to this art studio tucked away in the countryside near Rousillion; its one of her favorites. She always buys art on her trips to Provence and has favorite artists that she visits each time. My first visit was in September of 2005 when "...turning down a narrow dirt road, we came to Atelier Fidler--studio of Edith and Natacha Fidler, mother and daughter. Edith does pottery--tiles, bowls, vases in fun colors of turqouise and orange; Natacha does watercolor, ink, collage and assemblage--some black and white, but mostly a riot of colors and shapes. Edith studied and lived with Picasso some 50 yrs ago!" This is a picture of that long ago Edith with Picasso; it hangs on a wall next to the door of the studio.
Today at 76, Madame Fidler/Fournier "is a gorgeous woman with silver hair pulled up into a clip on top of her head with many loose tendrils" framing her face and with "greatly dramatic made up eyes!" She speaks charming English and never misses an opportunity to laugh. The day we visited in 2005, she and Natacha willingly showed us their living room and its original Picasso hanging on the wall. "We have others," they confided, "but we keep them hidden away so they don't get stolen." We visited over 'fizzy' water with a slice of green lemon and "oh, it was so fun!"
I bought some of Edith's work.
To the left is detail from a 6x6" ceramic tile. Edith does great faces.

This is a small fish bowl. Edith always decorates the backs of her bowls.
Learn about the other artist at Atelier Fidler on tomorrow's post.
quotes are from my 2005 travel journal.

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jientje said...

I never heard of them, but I find it very interesting! Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

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