Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm searching for the sun again today; it's certainly not to be found in Iowa right now! What better place to look than the sunny Mediterranean coast at Collioure? I had to dig out the photos from last September to find these memories of the two days I spent at the sea. The days were warm, hot even, and I had to buy some shorts and a top to be comfortable. Okay, I had shorts with me, but the heat and slightly sultry air were good excuses to do a bit of shopping in the town's cute boutiques. Besides you really can't wear the basic black knit shorts in a beach town. I bought white cotton shorts and a turquoise sleeveless tee; I sort of matched the boat you see in the foreground. I spent two and a half days exploring the town's historical sights, strolling along the beach, lounging in the beach-side cafes, and looking at some incredible art, both in Collioure and a nearby town, Ceret. How I'd love to sit on the sand and warm my bones in the bright Mediterranean sunshine right now! I'm sure I'll have to re-visit Collioure again's supposed to snow here tomorrow.

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