Monday, April 7, 2008


The other artist at Atelier Fidler is Natacha. She paints vibrant watercolors and also creates collages which I particularly like. The numbered print at the left is called "Marais Rouge," or Red Marsh. I have it matted in lavender and raspberry with a a gold-flecked frame. It hangs in my dining room. Like her mother, Natacha speaks fluent English, laughs and smiles constantly. She describes herself as a cancer survivor and a Buddhist; her sunny outlook on life never betrays whatever hardships she's suffered. I also bought a pen and ink drawing that she did of a naked girl and a horse. Creating these small drawings is how she occupied her time as she recovered from cancer surgery.

These prints to the right are two more of Natacha's. They are watercolor and collage. I had them matted and framed to match the first print that I bought in 2005. They also hang in my dining room. It's so lovely to eat surrounded by memories of Provence and two delightful artists.

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