Saturday, October 10, 2009

Colors of Collioure

It's lightly snowing this morning in Iowa. Oh no, it can't be winter already! How's this for denial...I'll just re-visit the Mediterranean coast instead of looking out the window. Collioure...sea village of stunning color and beautiful flowers! Collioure...sea village full of history and Catalonian culture.

The tiny ruelles that snake up the hill from the busy beach are quiet and full of flowers. Some of the colors are creamy and subtle; others burst with brilliance and the energy of the sea. It's hard to not find something to love as you stroll past beautiful doors, shutters and balconies.

Reality's still snowing, but it feels like summer in my heart!


Randi said...

I love all the colors!

Isabelle said...

Beautiful post, Evelyn ;)

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